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Purple Power Cleaner

Purple Power Cleaner 16oz

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Purple Power Original Formula Soaking Solution

Remove unpleasant tar, resin and build-up from your smoking device effortlessly with the Purple Power Original Formula Soaking Solution. This no-scrub, cleaning solution will have your bong, bubbler or smoking pipe looking like brand new without any effort. So no more brushes or picks, just soak it.

Purple Power Original Formula Soaking Solution is suitable for all your glass and acrylics. To use, just give the bottle a good shake and place the solution into the piece that needs cleaning. For a bong use a cleaning stopper to make sure the solution stays inside the bong. If it is a smaller item, place the solution in a bowl and place the item or items inside the solution. After 45 minutes rinse off thoroughly with hot water. Repeat if necessary. Place the solution back in the bottle and achieve the same effective cleaning results the next time you use it.

Purple Power Cleaner 16oz includes:

-Purple Power Cleaner 16oz